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When children are anxious, they can show us how they're feeling in many ways. They might have a tantrum that looks like they're angry. They could have a meltdown that looks like they're sad. Or they might shut down and seem like they're being avoidant, defiant or "lazy". Or it could be a combination of all of these behaviours complete with crying, yelling, stomping & slamming doors. Whatever their behaviour looks like, we can be pretty certain that heightened anxiety is at the root of their emotional outbursts. But that still doesn't make it easy to deal with in the moment.

This training video will help you learn the first step to interrupt these anxiety driven meltdowns. At the end of this training, you will:

  • know how to interrupt an emotional upset ...before it begins
  • begin to understand what your child might need from you when they're upset
  • shift your relationship from conflict to cooperation and create peace in your family's daily life

Get started on your journey to creating a warmer parent-child relationship and a more peaceful life.

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